In the Wild- EP

by Ollie Lee

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My second home recorded set of tracks of songs written during my 4th year at Uni. During the year leading up to this I had got bored with pop and had been listening to and enjoying almost exclusively country music; mostly Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan. These inspirations led to the decision to keep these tracks really cut back, giving the lyrics and melody more attention. I recorded the main vocals and acoustic guitar live, and added a little bit of bass and BV's. The decision to release this EP was a bit of an impulse decision; I had written and recorded all these tracks in my last few months of uni as procrastination and breaks from studying. I then just decided to chuck them up online.


released May 20, 2016

Photo by Hannah-Rivkah Martin-Thomas



all rights reserved


Ollie Lee Edinburgh, UK

English singer-songwriter who plays
country/folk inspired, easy listening music. Guitar and vocals.

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Track Name: Echoes
How could a day with God
be better than a million
with the ones we love
You say its not I'll pass,
I'll take the skies and the ocean
And a bag a laughs

Its a long road home
Its a long road home
Its a long road home
But I'm on my way, I'm on my way home

Today's just not the day,
I'll breathe the air in my own way
Don't ruin my fun
I'll take the stars and my days,
I'll take my loves but the earthquakes
I give to you

I always thought there was too much in my heart
To live the right way
But we all swim in mud, too little not too much
There's an ocean over there

Who knew that all of my loves
Who knew that all of my own stuff
would be not enough?
Thought I found my home but now I'm lost
Thought I found real joy but this river
is just all dried up

Is there a river that lasts
Are there real joys above us
that can quench our hearts
A song I've never heard, just been chasing the echoes
But now I'm looking up
Yeah I'm looking up
Track Name: Cerulean Eyes
Please don't tell me that this is it
Could my dreams ever be more shattered than this?
Cause I thought you were heavens gift
To be my darling my wish

But they tell me that now she's alone
So I try my hand and I pull the sword from the stone
Turns out all along I had the key to her heart
But daylight breaks and I'm waking up

To the girl with those cerulean eyes
yeah I see them every time I look in the skies
To that golden heart that was so hard to find
I'm doing my best to say goodbye

So please don't daydream about what could've been
Cause now she's gone I will never find her again
If I'd only known before I opened my heart
That she'd already found a love
Track Name: Gold Waters
Thought I'd never see you in this light
Yeah I always thought we'd see eye to eye
But golden waters can make the best of friends fight
Just can't seem to agree and gold waters are all we're seeing tonight

Thought I'd never be that greedy guy
Thought I could leave it be and just live my life
But golden waters can make me lose my mind
Don't know what's happened to me,
but something just ain't quite feeling right
Don't know what's happened to me
but I'm just not quite feeling myself tonight

The waters cast its spell and its smiling alright
Calling out to jump and it'll take our lives
Turned to gold, yeah we'd make a sparkly sight
Got a moments sanity, and I'm packing up and running for my life
Before its too late for me and I turn to gold here right before your eyes

I hear it promise so much that it'll change our lives
So we dream of the golden touch so we could make everything shine
But gold don't taste so good, it'll leave us hungry inside
So I'll call it what it is, death waters trying to sweep us up in its tide
So I call it what it is, death waters trying to sweep us up in its tide

(out of tune woo's)
Track Name: Never Too Far
Right now, I'm loving the line
The city and sky drawn out so perfectly
Tonight, I'm hoping that I will never go far away from here

The time, ticks on the tower,
marking the hours, ticking so faithfully
Tonight, I'm thankful that I've
had so many hours this air to breathe

And I see once more, this place has all
That I'm looking for
And I hope never to go away from here

The breeze, surprisingly meek
but never so warm, rolls down the cobbled streets
Tonight, I'm hoping that I will never be far away from here

My heart, beats through the night
keeps me alive, beating so steadily
And I'm hoping that I'll be making the most of every beat

The days will roll, my frame grow old
But time will show,
that I'll never be long away from here

Our friend, who lent us his seat
A place for us all to see what there is to see
and the hills, the five rolling peaks
Are never too far away from here

The sun, today shows his face
like our happiest days made so by the ordinary
and its rays remind me of grace
that nothing at all was owed to me

The winds will blow the sail to go
But this I hope that I'll never be long away from here

One day I know my heart will slow
I'll be blessed to know
That I was never too far away from here